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kleinbl00  ·  203 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 10, 2023

Once upon a time I was in the Old Man Clan. They had a discord and everything. Got to know some of the guys. Then I was unceremoniously kicked. I was offended.

Then I used Bungie's API and some of the tools to look up the guys who were running that thing. Guy who booted me? Fifteen thousand hours into Destiny 2. Who knows how many into Destiny. It made everything okay - yeah, you're right. If your baseline is "our players put fifteen thousand hours into a video game" I will never be a contributing member ever ever ever. I have like 250 hours into No Man's Sky across three saves and that's a lot.

I had this discussion with the guy who ran the local GameStop. I expected his eyes to bug out. "Nah, man, Destiny is unreal," he said. "People who play Destiny are a breed apart. It's all they do. There are games with intensive fandoms? And then there's Destiny."

You know what I just beat? Immortals: Fenyx Rising. You know why? Because it's Skyward Sword without having to spend every fifth evening cooking potions. Your weapons don't break when you use them too much. There are three or four equally-valid play styles, there's a steady but limited power progression, there's an easy-to-fill skills tree and there's four kinds of puzzles that are easy-to-clever which can be explained in a single breath. So apparently I'm not the only truly casual gamer on the planet? But I wonder sometimes.

I played like 150 hours of Surviving Mars: "Congratulations it's Sim City with the Andy Weir skin!" Based on that I tried Cities Skylines thinking Sim City was fun, surely Cities Skylines would be similar.

Nope. You're LARPing as the damn zoning board.