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Quatrarius  ·  238 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 5, 2023

monday night i attended my second meeting of a transfem support group thing in the city. it's a great feeling to be surrounded by other people who understand it, who you don't have to explain things to. it's interesting being surrounded by trans people from my age and decades older: people that i wouldn't otherwise feel like i'm peers with, but who i'm able to socialize with as equals.

i connected with somebody there and we were friends instantly. it feels like we've known each other for a long time. yesterday we went out to a bookstore and then for lunch, which turned into her coming back to my apartment and us hanging out through dinner. it was a really great day.

being a trans woman is a politically radicalizing experience. you go from the top of the social hierarchy to pretty close to the bottom. through forced exposure to empathy or through just sheer selfinterest, the trans overton window starts at rabid bidenite and ends somewhere left of stalin. turns out the way that a lot of troubled young boys get rescued from the neonazi pipeline is through estrogen

i said the other night that we are living through the storm right now. trans people are the topic of every nitwit oped and the undercurrent behind this decade's cultural hysteria. we are being hung out to dry. but fundamentally, it's a reactionary wave driven by trans success. we're in the public eye because we're winning, and people don't like it. i was talking to my friend yesterday about it: we're both the same age (23), but even since we were kids hitting puberty and dealing with misunderstandings and discrimination, things have gotten so much better. people are trying to put us back in the dark, and i will burn in hell before i go