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lil  ·  294 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Get Outside

Walking through the neighborhood where I grew up, where the house that was my mother’s is:

I passed “Stevenson’s.” This is kind of an antique store full of oddments.

I asked Mike Stevenson to look at my mother’s stuff after she died in June 2021. He took some furniture and a bunch of odd things, games, costume jewelry. He gave me $100 for the odd things.

Walking by just now I saw my mother’s Scrabble game. Or was it my mother’s?

I regretted giving it to him. It had wooden tiles - I was told they don’t make wooden Scrabble tiles anymore (Is that true?). Also I’ve lost several tiles in my set and replaced them with cardboard.

I went in.

I said, “Can I buy back my mother’s Scrabble game?”

“ Just take it,” said Stephenson’s wife as she called Mike over.

“just take it,” said Mike.