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kleinbl00  ·  696 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Roe v Wade is Officially Overturned

For 20 years, Wahabi insurgents condemned the "cosmic enemy" of the Great Satan across the Atlantic. The United States was a handy rhetorical punching bag for radicals of all stripes, many of whom ended up on the American payroll, often wittingly. Some tried and failed to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 and the country slumbered through it. Then in 2001 they succeeded and in doing so, launched an existential war that set back Islamic relations with the west by a century.

Support for a total abortion ban has dropped from 21% to 13% since 1976 while unrestricted legality has climbed from 22% to 35% and yet, the laws conservatives have run on are Orwellian in scope. The very same interstate commerce clause that the Roberts court used to uphold Obamacare strikes down most of the laws about to come in force, yet for votes, the conservatives doubled down on their cosmic enemy.

It's gonna be ugly. Prior to Pearl Harbor, the US and Japan had an uneasy trade dispute in which mainstream Japan figured American embargoes would end shortly after a sneak attack. After Pearl Harbor, the "deep state" of Japan knew the war was already lost while the Americans edged closer and closer to genocide.

But Japan was never going to win. Everyone knew it. The only question was how bloody it was going to be, and whether the Japanese could hang on long enough to force a stalemate that didn't result in their utter cultural extinction.

I'm fuckin' tired of living through history, man.