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kleinbl00  ·  90 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Finland must apply to join Nato without delay, say president and PM

So in the run-up to Hiroshima:

- the State Dept negotiated with the USSR and brought them into the invasion of Japan

- the OSS busily drew up lists of communists to keep out of the post-war world

In the immediate aftermath of WWII:

- The State Department offered the Marshall plan to the USSR

- The OSS parachuted saboteurs behind the Iron Curtain

Upon rejection of the Marshall Plan:

- The State Department launched a policy of "containment"

- The CIA launched a policy of disinformation and overthrow in East Germany, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia

Upon the ascension of Mossadegh:

- The State Department negotiated with Britain to return BP to British ownership

- The CIA overthrew Mossadegh

Upon the formation of the Berlin Wall:

- The State Department dropped food

- The CIA formed secret fascist hit squads all over Europe

etc. etc. etc.

I watched the movie. The State Department funneled agricultural money into Iraq so they could build a siege cannon to shell Tel Aviv with; the CIA green-lit a Mossad assassination of Gerald Bull to keep things copacetic with Israel.

The State Dept's designated ruler of Saudi Arabia was Prince Bandar. The CIA gave the whole operation to MBS instead.

I had been thinking that it was cooperation all along. But the deeper you look, the more you see competition.