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_refugee_  ·  205 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Yearly Hubski Check In.

Hello! I'm here. I check in weekly or so or if I get a good article. I stop by weekly for Pubskis. Chat is fun. I come through when I get call-outs. I actually even got a new computer that's primary use and have Hubski saved on it sooo, yeah, theoretically I could be around here more even. But I enjoy my low key life.

Things are going really, really well actually. I signed up for a second half-marathon today! ::crying laughing emoji:: My first will be in September and this next one will be in November. I've never even run 13.1 miles yet!

But I will tell you that yesterday I ran 9.32 in a slow 1h50 min. I have a while before I settle onto a training plan for my first half marathon. I think for a while, I might just commit to two hour runs every other week until hopefully I can get closer to 13 miles done in that time. I'd like to do the half in 2:15 or less. I've been speed training on the side too, so really, I should be getting faster. I just definitely wasn't trying to do anything fast for my first time running 9 miles in about a year!

Other things are going well. I'm focusing on self care and having fun and balance and running. And fitness. And all the running. But also lots of reading. And podcasts. And cooking 90% of my food at home. And not drinking. I think it's uh....I think it's healthy? I think it's good for me :)

Also, getting pumped for future HOT GIRL SUMMER because in addition to all the above did I mention I've also been crosstraining 2-3x weekly with my BFF down the street? we are phenomssss and I just spend a couple hundred dollars on exercise gear

Being healthy is my boyfriend