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lil  ·  1010 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Untitled by theNG

Intriguing. Suggestive. I see the music accompanying a video of a lonely figure walking down snow-covered, cold empty streets of a small town in Michigan. He is looking in café windows, icicles are hanging from roof edges. He’s carrying a long beat-up sports bag that he probably found in a dumpster.

At the edge of town, there’s a park where snow has been cleared, just by local kids and neighbours, and the area flooded to form a small ice rink.

The lonely guy sits on a bench and unzips the bag. He takes out some skates, kicks off his boots, and puts the skates on.

Then he takes an old hockey stick out of the bag. It’s so old that black tape is wound around the bottom.

He gets up off the bench. Looking around on the ground, he sees a pine cone. He hits it on to the ice.

The last scene shows the guy holding his stick above his head, spinning on the ice, smiling.