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lil  ·  140 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 16, 2020


The Democratic Party of Georgia is working really hard to win two US Senate seats which will determine who controls the US Senate: Democrats or Republicans. That will determine whether the Democrats will be able to enact any of their legislation and have any of their appointees approved to judgeships, cabinet members, etc. Anyone anywhere can help. Here's how:

1. Phone people already on their volunteer rolls to sign-up as poll watchers. The early polls are open and already one of the poll watchers reported that the ballot at her poll had the Democratic candidate listed in only one of the two races. Other things poll watchers do in case you were wondering.

2. Ballot curing: At the polls, many ballots are disqualified by election officials. In Georgia, the morning after the voting closes, the names of people whose ballots are rejected are made public. Those voters are not notified. However, the Democratic Party of Georgia then has three days to notify those voters and help them challenge the disqualification. This is called ballot curing. After the November election (last month) in Georgia alone, over twenty thousand (20K) were cured. That means over 20,000 ballots were rejected UNJUSTLY at the poll. Imagine how many weren't cured. The Biden-Harris team won Georgia by fewer than13,000 votes -- so YOU CAN SEE HOW IMPORTANT BALLOT CURING IS. Imagine how many volunteers the party needs to contact people and help them with their challenge. The party is looking for volunteers to sign up for ballot curing on January 6, 7, and 8. When you phone Georgia Dem volunteers and notify them of how they can help, they appreciate it.

3. Georgia Dems are trying to get volunteers to call or visit motivated Dem voters who "had trouble at the polls" in November. Trouble at the polls can include signature discrepency, name discrepency, address discrepency etc. These discrepencies can be minor (i.e. signed Bobby instead of Bob) or simply MADE UP. This is one of many types of intentional voter repression. In some states, if two people had the same name (John Brown, say) both names are deleted from the rolls. Volunteers contact the voters whose ballots were rejected and help them with their next ballot.

Just now, my boyfriend (mivasairski) received an email from the Georgia Democrats looking for more volunteers. He's working on this for hours every day.

Anyone reading this can help. Contact mivasairski and he can tell you how. He's an America citizen making calls from Canada to get volunteers and is signing up poll watchers and ballot curers every day.