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One thing that always shocks me here, seeing a large swastika tattoo. My heart races and the type of guy who has one has always been very scary. I'm generally not a scared man and those guys scare the living shit out of me.

This is the only city I've lived in that I'm not surprised to see it, it's always surprising but it's no surprise if you can see what I mean.

Is the myth of Portlandia done now? I don't know, it was always a little bit true and mostly bullshit.

Hell of Proud Boy parade yesterday downtown. Why were the police unable to police them? It's cool, I know that answer already and black police chiefs don't amount to much when the rank and file has made up their minds. Will we see less of them or more now one proud boy lies dead? I've been waiting for someone to die, I figured a cop would tackle a kid into a fire hydrant and bash their brain in, I never in a million years imagined that it'd be Proud Boy.

There was a great block party two blocks from my house tonight. Three hundred or so people showed up. The block boarders a park, so it was pretty easy to social distance that many people. I'd say about 80% masked but many of the non masks put a pretty healthy amount of distance between their patch and the next groups. The crowd was about 50/50 Blacks and Whites. A food vendor sold brisket to at least a hundred people. The band played soul hits, every thing from Lauren hill to Zhane and they were smokin, great singers tight rhythm section. I guess our neighborhood pushed back the dark.

Did you see that the kid who identified Kyle Rittenhouse was seventeen year old Garrison (Teargas Proof) Davis? Young Garrison has been a front line journalist for the last 90 days of protests. kid has sucked a lot of gas and taken some blows. Don't tell me a seventeen year old can't be a journalist, this kids going places.

Most the racist are from out of town. You don't have to go far to find em. It seems like a pretty shitty state when you get to know it. There are few bastions of decency but for the most part it's somewhat backward and hateful.

Washington State and Idaho are more than competitive. One odd thing I've been more fully conceptualizing is that everywhere has mean backwards racists but they come in different flavors. They have different cultures and their mean spirited evil manifests differently.

This town is tense. I haven't had this many people cry at the counter since Trump was elected. I think the Proud Boy killing shook people today, on top of COVID, and the election and the kids not going back to school next week and what a shit ass deal kids are about to get. The moms are weepy and scared.

I'll take the time to read that piece, I'm shook today and I really can't atm. Robert Evans has a pretty good overview of why Oregon is in the running as the most racist state on his Behind the Bastards Podcast. Pretty decent podcast and Rob just had his hand broke by a Proud Boys baton last week when he was doing some journalism, lets not forget his hard work.