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johnnyFive  ·  911 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: A dash of cold water for Christian anarchism

To add to this, he never says what he actually thinks "living like Jesus" actually means. Nor does he explain how those social leaders he references (MLK, Gandhi, et al.) deviate from that life.

He uses one supposedly anarchist community in eastern Spain as an "example," but conveniently does not actually discuss what that community did or whether it was successful. The best he can do is say that non-church people who aren't necessarily anarchists are too "minority" a view to possibly be a guiding ethic. This is a non-sequitur on its face, and also ignores the fact that Jesus himself held a "minority" viewpoint at the beginning.

I also agree that dude clearly has very little understanding of what anarchism actually means. He seems to use the common misstatement of it as some Hobbesian state of nature, which isn't really what actual anarchists believe to my knowledge.