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kleinbl00  ·  138 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Reddit's website uses DRM for fingerprinting

In 2008, violentacrez and myself were the only "power users" over 25.

There's a "dude in the Philippines" who was at least three power users. Not sure if it's the same one.

One of the guys who controlled half of Reddit was a gay Iranian ex-pat in London whose family didn't know he was gay. he was legitimately worried that if he got doxed he might end up dead of a sharia blood debt.

The thing you have to realize is that the incentive at the time was the same thing that drives mk - make a cool place for cool people to hang out. There are still a few of those people left but the cool people have gone and the place is not great anymore. So the people willing to moderate such a place have very particular drives. Those drives are outside the norm. Not saying that's good, not saying that's bad, but if you're doing it for fame or altruism, "reddit moderator" has given you less and less for more than ten years now.