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Historic already, but we still have ~50% of the country who are ignorantly certain that it's almost over. Most of the other ~50% think a shutdown could or should last another year, but they aren't certain at all about it. I don't think we're even approaching the bottom yet :(.

We can re-open the economy, if we want to kill millions of working-class plebs and/or their grandmas. Acting like that wouldn't even further tank the economy is pretty weird. Imagine, first you're poor, then you're sick and flat out broke, lost your job, then nan dies, you take the first job you can find, "aaaaaand I'm gonna need you to come in at 6 AM to scrub the toilets for about $5.50/hr., after taxes, but you should be grateful you're employed". Are corporate America & Trump really teeing up to kick the same hornet's nest twice?

It might be time for another covid round-up post in a few days, there's been a lot of fantastic posts and comments lately. Thanks to all!