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It depends on the nature of the experiment. If the scientific goals of your studies require something like manually making contiguous daily measurements out in the field, yeah, sucks.

But it's more disruptive than that. There's a lot of grad students running labs that require specialized orders of supplies, and those supply lines are certainly not getting designated "essential". Even though it doesn't matter what time of the day/week/month they perform their experiments, they can't do much of anything, at the moment. I'll bet the liquid nitrogen supply is deemed essential, at least. Many labs require it.

Then there's the luckiest person ever born, me. My lab is in space, and our experiment is givin' space the bidness as I type these very words. Our project operations aren't disrupted at all.

But no scientific conferences this year. Mixed emotions for me on that one. The overall pace of research will contract a bit, giving me the upper hand... bwah ha ha ha haa haaaaa