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kleinbl00  ·  1290 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: In the hot seat: UPS delivery drivers at risk of heat-related illnesses

    drivers said they feel uncomfortable complaining at a company that offers one of the nation's best paying jobs for workers without college degrees.

And there it is.

    Nearly two-thirds of the trucks used by FedEx, UPS' main competitor, are leased, and the company doesn't mandate that the vehicles be air-conditioned. FedEx told NBC News, however, that all of the more than 30,000 vehicles the company owns are air-conditioned.

And there it is again.

    The most common action OSHA has taken against UPS for heat conditions is issuing so-called "hazard letters." At least seven UPS facilities have received these letters since 2011, records show. Such letters outline hazards employees face and then recommend fixes, like adapting the schedule on high-heat days and ensuring workers take breaks. Making those fixes, however, is voluntary.

But hey - that pickle they're telling you to pack? They didn't have to do that.

I hear you on the dock doors. Loading docks scare the shit out of me. They're the kind of thing that becomes normal and no longer terrifying and then things get harried and you look up and someone's dead.

Neighbor downstairs kept cats. Called to them every morning and every night. We noticed he stopped calling, though. Then the cats were around everywhere. Eventually they went away. Found out about two months later that the guy who took care of them - friendly, late-middle-aged guy in a dress shirt, tie and a dapper little hat - got pinned between a dock and a truck. Another neighbor told me that apparently there was just enough time to hold his hand and look into his eyes as he died. His invalid mom was in there; we didn't find out what happened to her.

But we saw the cats for a while. They were skittish.