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Her language skills are significantly better than her math skills. She lives in a house filled with books, we read to her most nights and her grandma was a reading teacher for twenty years before she retired and got a library science degree and did that for twenty years.

My wife read something like 200 books last year. She is a prolific enough reviewer that she gets a few pre-release books from authors and publishers every month. Most the stuff she reads is niche genera romance pulp but the quantity is impressive.

I knew about infinity at her age. I learned about it in a religious context, that God always existed and that he will always existed, he was infinite. It fucked up my little brain bad. I asked everyone in my family and my pastors how, if God had always existed, did we reach the time that he created us. I suppose the question was how do you reach a point on an infinite line of time.

Everyone gave me different answer, and some of the answers were just straight bullshit (the sort which any half aware 6 or 7 year old can smell). I completely lost any interest in religion aside from reading my cartoon illustrated three volume Bible story set (the stories we're still cool).

We've never baby talked her. We try not to answer her questions with " you'll understand when you're older." Which kinda sucks when it's a question that you don't want to or have the time to answer because she doesn't accept that she doesn't need to know something and pushes back. Questions like "why do the police kill black people?" Are big questions that don't have easy answers. Kids are always listening, be it to us talking or to the news or a podcast I have playing in the kitchen while I'm making dinner. I knew that Yasser Arafat was the head of the PLO in 2nd grade from my Dad's diet of News Hour, I thought his headdress was fantastic.

I guess I'm in verbose mode this Sunday morning so I'll toss out a fucking hilarious example. Her and the wife were watching Jumanji together. I haven't seen it but here is the gist. There is a scene where something titillating happens. All the characters look at The Rocks shorts and their eyes get big. They don't show his shorts but any adult gets the joke and kids the pass right by it, quick sight gag. So they are watching this scene and Hazel yells "wait, go back! I don't understand that joke!" My wife tries to tell her not to sweat it but she is insistent that she need to understand what happened. They rewind, she doesn't get it and insists that my wife explain the joke. My wife tells her "when a man becomes sexually aroused his penis gets bigger, it's called an erection." "Oh, that is funny." They finish the movie.

The next day, in Home Depot, surrounded by a bunch of strangers, she says, "yesterday, in the movie, when he got an erection, that was so funny." People give my wife and daughter the side eye and my wife just shakes her head.

I think everyone on my fathers side of the family likes to have fun with the language, it's probably learned and hereditary.