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It's hard though, man.

I've been poisoning my daughter for two years. Yeah, it's building her immunity but it really is a case of telling someone who trusts you implicitly with their life to keep eating something that makes their throat hurt, makes it hard to breathe, makes them feel like they're going to throw up, makes their heart race.

Fortunately she's had no real reaction since reaching the maintenance dose and now she wolfs the shit down like she's getting paid (in a way she is - we recently instituted a token economy). But from everything I hear, we got off super-light. Lots of kids are full-on benadryl dependent and they're all older - they're eight or nine or ten or twelve and by the way, you have to take your dose after you're done with the day but at least three hours before bedtime and then you can't exert yourself which means after-school activities of any kind are out.

Yeah. It kicks the shit out of having her uncontrollably vomit when a parent volunteer accidentally gives her a peanut butter granola bar. It beats the ever-loving jesus out of having her stare at me when I accidentally give her a gluten-free cookie that oopsie got made with coconut flour. But the reactions she had, caused by me, tore me up pretty good.

You have to write them all down. Every day. Attach additional pages as necessary.