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kleinbl00  ·  386 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Here's How America Uses Its Land

"Range" is USDA-code for "wasteland."

    Some other good friends of mine had moved 300 momma cows from Montana to Southern New Mexico (south of Carlsbad). There, they leased 43 sections of land for those 300 cows. Wow, that’s over 27,000 acres. That relates to over 90 acres per cow. They spent most of their daylight hours on horseback, moving cattle. From there, they moved those same 300 cows to a 1200 acre grass farm in the Ozarks of Missouri. After the transition, those cows think they are in heaven with 4 acres per cow. The local government boys tell them they are overstocked. But, I have watched their operation over the years and it is easy to see why they are successful. They are maximizing their resources and they literally live with their cattle.

Growing up I thought the cattle I saw were useful only for beef jerky. This is "range" according to the USDA.