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I have very specific skills that aren't very marketable. Not in a Liam Neeson from Taken way. My reaction has generally been that if I'm disposable as an employee then you're disposable as an employer. I'll give you what I think you deserve for what I earn and you can go fuck yourself after many minor transgressions. Basically grief your low wage employer to exert power. It sucks and doesn't change anything and an honest CV from me would be really, really long but if I value my own free time higher than you're willing to pay me, I might up and quit because a customer was a dick in this job I don't actually want or I might be incredibly unreliable if I detect that I'm worth keeping more than I'm worth dismissing and replacing

It's a really fucked up game and no one ends up winning.

That's not very clear. But fuck it. It's late. How today build a thirty job resume in twenty years due in part to right to work laws and leverage your own unreliability as an asset isn't a point worth expanding on as a viable job market strategy