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goobster  ·  391 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 23, 2018

Storing - cough cough, RIDING - my friend's Suzuki C90T for the summer while he is traveling. It doesn't suck.

And I am getting new tires on my bike this week, so I'll be back to riding my ST1100 regularly, as well:

And my Chevy Volt is loving the warm weather, and we are almost up to 40 miles of battery-only range every day, as opposed to the 26 or so I got in winter. So my vehicles make me happy.


At work I moved from building all my giant documents in Word, over to Adobe InDesign this week. Catching on pretty quickly. Haven't used any page layout tools in close to 20 years, but was a rockstar at PageMaker, FrameMaker, and Quark eXpress, once upon a time. So the learning curve seems to be pretty dang quick for me. Expect to be fluent around the end of next week.


Keto is still going well. Down 40lbs since January. Decided to lose another 20lbs before my birthday in October, so am starting to work out and exercise now.


Spending a lot of time in my back yard, with my wife and my dog, having picnics under our beautiful Douglas Fir tree, watching the Japanese Maples grow, the Irises bloom, and our little Apple Tree flower and produce far more fruit than is wise, for a plant of that size.

Raspberries are coming along nicely.


Got out and socialized with my old friends last week, and it wound up being about 40 of us Old Skool burningman people, who no longer go to the desert, but still revel in the insane shit we used to do. Twas frakkin wonderful!

So this week, one of them decided to have a crepes party on Sunday. Most of us dropped whatever holiday plans we had, and decided to go there instead. Gonna be pretty lovely, hanging with the old friends, and shooting the shit and talking big fish stories, again.

Life is good.