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oyster  ·  1154 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: When Harassment Is the Price of a Job

Most restaurants don’t care about the dynamic between staff, but not being able to stand up to customers who are being shitheads will ensure their restaurant is always full of shitheads and they won’t get anywhere. They’ll just be a dive bar. I can’t speak to the situation in America but I haven’t experienced anything in a tipped job that I wasn’t expected to put up with for my hourly wage as well.

Sure, I might not have obvious reason in the form of the tip I want to deal with shitty customers instead of tell them off but I still need to keep my job. That means dealing with shitty customers. I straight up cried I think 3 times when I was a cashier, and dealt with creepy men constantly. When I was a gardener literally covered in dirt I got harassed all the time by men who couldn’t contain their excitement over a female labourer out in the wild and that job interview where I was told I should be able to handle sexual harassment at work if I want this job was an hourly pay. Tipping is something that sort of makes it all “okay” in my mind like at least I’m not putting up with it all for minimum wage anymore.

I don’t know the wages in BC very well, it has never in the time I’ve been working been okay to pay a server what they are paid in some states. Having said that, when I started working 10 years ago I made more on minimum wage than your federal minimum wage is now.