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oyster  ·  1154 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: When Harassment Is the Price of a Job

Unfortunately in this industry a big problem is just what kind of place the owners want their restaurant to be. The story were the server told her boss about a shitty customer and he was only kicked out after a fight ? A good manager who didn’t want to manage a dive bar would have kicked him out long before that because they knew he would be a liability and cause problems in the future. It’s not just servers giving up power, it’s management doing the same and letting the customer dictate what kind of bar they’re running to sell drinks.

I’ve worked in to many customer facing positions to think changing wages will change anything. Even if I don’t make tips/make a good wage (which we do in Canada) I would still be expected to brush most of this stuff off. I get hit on more but I get treated better as a server than I did when I worked in a grocery store. The problem with how we don’t respect people who serve us goes way beyond our wages. Honestly, I’ve been harassed in every industry I’ve worked in, at least wth serving I’m not doing it for shitty pay.