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Very sorry to read about this. Brain injuries are horrible. I spend basically every waking hour that isn't spent taking care of my kid or playing/watching hockey thinking about brain injuries and stroke (well, minus Hubski time). We're developing a drug (that aids recovery) that I hope will be in early phase clinical trials by 2021. I know that's not very comforting for you, but hope is on the horizon.

It's fascinating that your capacity for empathy increased after your injury. This is fairly abnormal for many people. I've known a number of people who have lost their ability to really interact emotionally after their injury in the same way they could before. Not to say you're one of the lucky ones--obviously nothing good about having a subdural hematoma, but I'm just commenting on how mysterious the brain is. One of the frustrating thins about TBI drug development is that recovery is so hard to quantify, due to the range of symptoms people who seemingly have similar injuries can present with, literally anything from face blindness to hearing phantom noises to headaches to increased empathy (I admit I've never come across that one!).