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WanderingEng  ·  471 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 4, 2018

It snowed here yesterday. I'm driving up to Saint Paul today for a kind of big, kind of intimidating meeting that will probably involve me for five nerve wracking minutes that will be a total non-event.

I'm running a half marathon Saturday. The forecast at race start is 17°F. There will likely still be snow on the trail. I might want Yaktrax? I had a nice run yesterday, though. I like the people who come to the Tuesday run club. I live in fear that they'll decide to stop coming and I'll lose track of them.

I could use a cup of coffee, but I'm not going out until the car rental agency comes to pick me up. For long drives, it's cheaper for the company if I rent a car, and it keeps miles off my car. I'm still not in love with my Subaru, but I don't see good alternatives. In the "small, practical AWD" category, the Impreza seems to be a class of one.

I'm still collecting gear to take on winter camping next year. My -20°F bag arrived. I need to figure out better bear canister packing this summer. Freeze dried food is awesome but the packaging bulky. I want to do a backpacking trip of a couple days. It'll probably be the Ice Age Trail, but maybe I'll head east. That'll be more experience before winter hits.

My brain is feeling a bit all over the place, and I still need coffee.