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I would argue that knowledge or proof of money laundering constitutes leverage for Putin over Trump. Putin knows that if he were to divulge the details of Trump's operations that it'd be game over for Trump's presidency. The question then becomes: Is there a way for Putin to get the info out without throwing a wrench in his own income/laundering? of the biggest launderers was a well known Russian gangster who oh so coincidentally happened to live in Trump Tower.

Felix Sater? Dude, look at this piece on him from today:

    As questions have swirled about his supposed loyalty to Russia, Sater is speaking out, recasting himself as an unheralded protector of the United States.

    “I am a patriot,” Sater said. “Having the opportunity to serve my country and do anything in its defense was a no brainer. It was, ‘Where do I sign up?’”


    Sater says he made himself valuable to the U.S. government by knowing everything. When it comes to Trump, however, he says he knows next to nothing.

Pretty interesting little interview. He claims to have never known Manafort, which is especially strange, considering that Manafort also had a residence in Trump Tower.

I dunno, this shit is more consuming than a full-time job.