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Vlad's walking down the aisle when the Russian national anthem starts playing prematurely, and a young man about 1.5 meters away jumps to his feet within about one second of hearing the first horns. Vlad pivots immediately, either spotting the guy in his peripherals or hearing the anthem (hard to tell), and after seeing the guy remain stationary in his place, gives him a nervous head nod and reaches out to touch another dude closer to him on the shoulder, as the poor chap was late to rise. The second guy is fucking sorry. He attempts to makes eye contact with Putin several times over the next several seconds, without any idea what to do with his hands, which nervously clutch his shirt. Meanwhile, Vlad is stuck standing in place doing the awkward mouth thing (:o -> :|, repeat x3), having presumably just had a small heart attack due to the first guy's overly patriotic jump to his feet. The camera pans away after that.