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    But given the state of the Russian economy, Russia cannot afford to isolate itself from the countries in the West that could, if placated, ease sanctions against Russia.

They don't seem to be as concerned about sanctions as this author was led to believe, unless you buy the narrative that it wasn't Russia behind the nerve gas UK attacks.

Sorry to harp on this again, but I'd still love to get a better sense of what our intelligence agencies are doing to undermine the Russians' faith in Putin. I know that Russia has previously accused the U.S. of sowing social discord. I wonder how much of the black ops stuff I'd find morally questionable.

For funzies: do you think Putin thought he was about to experience an assassination attempt here? (the anthem started playing early: full video) Hard to tell. He's trained af...

" :|... :o, :|. " <--- The Two Faces of Vladimir Putin, am_Unition, March 2018