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I've read through all the comments on your post, and - kleinbl00's incendiary, yet effective, language aside - I think the key statement you make is this:

    "...You are not entitled to our votes..."

You and your ilk seem to think that you exist outside the reality that everyone else lives within. If you just hold out in your fortress long enough, the right traveling salesman with the right magic elixir will come to your door a'knockin.

And that just ain't gonna happen, toots.

The fact is that the vast majority of the population understands that the actual political system - as it is practiced beyond the keyboard - has little to do with whether you put a little R or D (or any other letter) next to your name. All that indicates is where your funding comes from, and if you don't have an R or D, I think you are adorable and plucky and an inspiration to kids everywhere that if you have a trust fund you really CAN be anything you want to be... but the one thing you will never be (outside of a fringe state like Vermont) is a Politician.

There is never a time - past, present, or future - where the Rs or the Ds will come to you. Because you simply are not playing in the big leagues. Your t-ball game prowess does not get you a seat on the Mariner's starting bench.

I too registered Democrat and was a delegate for Bernie Sanders. Do I like Democrats? Not really. But I thought the SOLE living effective Independent pinning the yellow D of shame to his breast, was something that could be a game-changer. He had momentum. He had a rigid set of beliefs that has been consistent in every breath he drew for more than 70 years. And that was something I could get behind. A guy who actually believed in SOMETHING and worked like a dog to get there.

You want to co-opt his work, put on his mantle, and claim some sort of partnership with him... and then expect the Ds and Rs to come to you begging for your support?!?

Ain't gonna happen, snowflake.

And that's why Kleinbl00 and I have zero tolerance for you and your type. You bring nothing to the table, and want all of the concessions to go your way.

That's not how this - or anything, really - works.

(Final note: WELCOME TO HUBSKI!! In all seriousness. We love it when new people from Reddit show up with actual thoughts and opinions, and are willing to engage in debate. Can ya tell? :-) Seriously. Stick around. You touched the third rail on your first post, so... honestly... how much worse could it get? :-)