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FirebrandRoaring  ·  443 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Poem: Tokyo Architects

This adds evidence to my theory that poetry is a mostly intuitive, feeling (as opposed to thinking) endeavor. The best things seem to come out when we act on what we feel is right.

I'm not a poetry man, but I've always been curious. I've written poems, but they were painstakingly crafted by hand as opposed to flowing out of me (which is also a sentiment I heard from a girl in the university who writes poetry).

In the example you gave, I wonder why you didn't break the line on the infinitive:

    It has always taken more energy

to create than it has

to destroy

It seems to line up nicely, creating a refrain — a powerful tool to our pattern-seeking minds — as well as visual and semantic symmetry. "energy" is not the important part here: it's the antithesis of the creative and the destructive which you compare all the way throughout the poem. What do you think?