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_refugee_  ·  745 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: "Why Yes Sometimes It Is All About Me and Only Me": Original Work by _refugee_

Yeah. I made this on a cardboard box that came from amazon. I definitely started on this project with the idea it was solely for myself, it was never going to be sold or in a museum but solely a crazy maybe-“crappy” piece of art (in the conventional sense) and that that was not only ok but like a base expectation governing how I could approach the project. Aka basically “do what you want because it means what you know it means and you don’t have to bother explaining it to other people ever but do it for you. And you? You’re always going to look at it and know exactly what it means.”

I guess that reinforced that I was doing this piece all for me. And the piece is just entirely about me, a story about myself.

(I also realized I just basically remade Venus Rising From the Sea, lol - but hey not bad).

And that’s why I named it what I did. It’s all about me, and I wanted to own that from the start. If you’ve got a problem with a super self-focused work, cool. Just go look at another piece of art then

I really think that was a good decision.