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The NSFWCorp/Exiled/Pando crew have always hated Glenn Greenwald, probably because catty bitches fight each other more than anyone else. Their (potkettle) complaint about Greenwald has always been that he's about Greenwald first and foremost, then how Greenwald relates to the story, then the story.

Personally, I'm a lot more temperate about warrantless wiretapping and the NSA than - no, you know what? I knew they were doing all that shit from 2003 on and when the whole world suddenly knew it's like and now you care? this shit's been public domain since Bamford's first book. So that hasn't changed.

What's changed is there is a much more proximate threat than there used to be.

    “We don’t talk about all the ways the Democratic Party is a complete fucking disaster and a corrupt, sleazy sewer, and not an adequate alternative to this far-right movement that’s taking over American politics.”

You go to war with the army you have, Glenn. They give credit to that quote to Rumsfield, but I think it's older.

Speaking of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, the other Bush... they were evil, but they were Lawful Evil. You knew where you stood with those guys. They believed in America and they were bloody well fighting for it. It wasn't my vision for America, but there was room in it for me. I opposed them in nearly everything they did but I knew what they stood for, they stood on principle.

Trump? Trump is Chaotic Neutral. The only thing he gives a shit about is Trump, and everyone hitching their wagon to him is casting aside their own scruples to do it.

And that scares me more than the NSA.