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Let's see. Currently reading: The Whale, Phillip Hoare. I liked The Sea Inside, so I figured I'd also like The Whale. So far, it's been a correct prediction.

I just finished Neal Stephenson's Seveneves. Loved it. Hard sci-fi that makes you think. Also was a bit of a thriller, which made it easy to read.

Before that was Walter Issacson's Einstein: His Life and Universe. Issacson is a brilliant biographer and he did a decent job in making Einstein's theories easy to digest. This was also the first major book I 'read' via audiobook. Tend to realize how many things around the house I can do while reading, which is nice (eg washing dishes). Looking forward to having audiobooks on my commute during my internship.

Still Here, by Lara Vapnyar was an interesting commentary on the app mentality, and a love story at heart. Enjoyed it.

Ali Smith's Autumn, supposedly the first "post-Brexit" novel to talk about Brexit, was less than I'd hoped. It rambled all over the place and the story didn't seem as connected to Brexit as it was made out to be.

The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner, was a good history of Bell Labs. Lots of stuff came out of those labs and from the people who worked there.

American War, by Omar Akkad, was marvelous.

Annie Proulx's Barkskins transported me to a time when forests were an 'infinite' resource.

And that was most of December!