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kleinbl00  ·  528 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The winner of the Mechanical Exception Prize at the 2017 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie:

The first one is not like that - it's a movement with hands on both sides. Really, it's just another complication. Double-barrel revolvers or "this" are curiosities marketed to the lunatic fringe of the gun community so there are certainly similarities but a double-barreled Colt 1911 made in Italy is basically a perverse riff on a century-old design. It's also a mere $5k which, in the land of highly-collectible firearms is chump change.

    It's odd how a TV/DVR combo is considered to be worse at both, but a double watch is a mastercraft.

There's nothing odd about it. A TV-DVR is a bad TV and a bad DVR melded together in an attempt to save money for consumers that can't afford both. A Drilling? that's a shotgun and two long rifles melded together in an attempt to make a rich consumer spend more on one gun than he would on three combined.

One of the bases for Bitcoin was the observation that money is nothing more than sunk time. Engraving and ornamentation always costs more because an artisan had to sit there and do it. European trade goods went for outrageous values in the New World because New World consumers had no anchor for the amount of sunk time that went into glass beads, for example. A TV/DVR combo demonstrably takes less effort to make than a TV and a DVR, while that ridiculous double-barrel Colt above goes for eight times what a Colt 1911 goes for simply because some crazy Italians have to make them a few at a time.