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kleinbl00  ·  502 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Something is Wrong on the Internet

Ahh, but grasshopper - we're not screening every Youtube video. We're screening every youtube video that wants to show up on Youtube Kids. We're going for that razor-thin crust that actually makes money, and we're saying "we'll make you more money, but you have to pay an entry fee." Google is already great at this - modifying the AdSense platform a little (and then giving it human oversight) would do the trick.

zero point three three percent of youtube videos ever make a million views. We'll ignore the colossal barrier to entry charging any fee raises and presume we're shooting for that 2.69% that actually matter. We'll also go really wide and assume 20% of Youtube content is going to end up on Youtube kids. So now we're looking at 0.53% of your 400 hours per minute. We're at about 2 hours per minute of children's content for policing.

My humans can do half a minute per minute. I need a team of 120 interns and 12 supervisors (technically I need three times that because I need three shifts but I'm not paying them all at once). My interns cost me $80/hr and my supervisors cost me $100. My whole team is burning $10k a day - add all the infrastructure you want, my total Youtube team is under a half million dollars a year.

Alphabet pulled in 90 billion dollars last year.

And remember - we're not doing this for free. we're charging the uploaders. Actual cost to Alphabet is zero.