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So, I guess everyone should write about currently read books, right?

- Art of Attack in Chess by L. Vukovic. I'm rereading this book because it just kicks all kinds of arse when it comes to dissecting strategies. It's one of those "every time you read it, you get more out of it" types of texts. It's not without its flaws, as far as intermediate books on chess go, it's very worth recommending.

- The Story of Civilisation, Part III: Caesar and Christ by W. Durant. That's the closest I got to fiction in a while. I'm about to cross the middle point. Not much more to say, but I very much enjoy reading it. Which still surprises me, as I never thought I'd be saying something like that about learning history.

- The Theory of Integral Equations by a whole bunch of Russians. It's as riveting as the title makes it sound. I'll leave it for you to guess whether I'm sarcastic or not.