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necroptosis  ·  577 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Idaho hopes to bring stargazers to first US dark sky reserve

Hey man, give Navajo land some damn credit. The land can be absolutely beautiful.. In the right areas. Yeah sure if you even look at the Shiprock area you'll probably be stuck with depression for the rest of your life, but head west over the mountains and it's a completely different world. I mean the people still live miserably, but it sure is gorgeous.

As for the Navajo people? Well yeah a large majority don't have the lives. But they're goddamn interesting. You'll never find a more patriotic, proud, and friendly people. Providing sobriety of course. They gave me a number of percentage served in the military-it was close to 50% of people. Now I haven't been able to verify that but if it's anywhere close that's absolutely astounding. Couldn't spit without hitting someone wearing veteran apparel.

And Gallup? That's fancy land over there-they have alcohol! and bars! They have "actual" restaurants there. Hell, I even ate sushi in Gallup(of all the brave things I've done, this is probably high up on that list). It could be so much worse-they could be living in Chinle. Or god forbid, Chinle