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oyster  ·  494 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: George Packer: What Ta-Nehisi Coates Gets Wrong About American Politics

I found out today from an instagram post that I can't be racist because apparently it has something to do with being able to deny resources to other people which no black person has ever been in the position to do. Well, black people have been waitresses, and I don't have resources to deny others so I guess I can say rude degrading things all I want. They're really running in circles with this shit.

I've noticed though that people hold the politics they do for some deeper reason. Like dads who barely get to see their kids holding some backwards view that woman are more important in the kids life so maybe gay couples shouldn't adopt. Or the white kids who have it too easy trying to make others feel guilty for being white because they're not actually dealing with their own feelings of guilt over how easy they had life compared to every colour including their own.