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BLOB_CASTLE  ·  957 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Writing Thread

Denise's only company on the drive home was the voice of Lou Bega listing the women in his life. "No..." thought Denise, "...a little bit of Rita is not all I need. What I need is to have these goddamm Americans off my radio and out of my life."

She paused after entering her home to pet her cat Sir John A Macdonald, named after the 1st and 3rd Canadian Prime Minster, then rushed to the basement. Denise was allowed access through the basement door after entering a four-digit PIN, retinal verification, fingerprint verification, a secondary four-digit PIN, hair DNA verification, a secret handshake with a protruding hand, and a third PIN (this one being twelve digits).

The light was dim with a slight blue shade. The screens of her monitor were black and hummed "O Canada" quietly. Denise gave a sigh of relief as she felt the energy of her laboratory comfort her.