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Man. What an article. I wish every Trumpistani I knew would read this. Politics is stupid, but it's still fucking important.

My anecdote about Hanford.

Ex-girlfriend's grandfather used to work heavy equipment at Hanford, back in the good ole days. They'd frequently wake him up at night, have him get the backhoe out and drive out into the dark, dig holes and bury stuff, and then go back to bed.

He's now been called out of retirement and is working for the DOE full-time as they try to dislodge 40-year old information from his 80+ year old brain, and piece together some sort of map of these late night sojourns.

"How many times did this happen?"


"Where did you bury things?"

Uhhh... overrrr... umm... (points vaguely into the distance)... over there? Maybe?

"Where else?"


"What years did this happen?"


Yeah... Hanford just needs to be walled off and called a "learning opportunity". And when the sludge gets to the river, maybe we will experience an evolutionary explosion as nature tries to deal with the crap herself...