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_refugee_  ·  653 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Issue 20 is. I'm grateful for it.

I honestly wasn't sure if it was your submission manager borking - you guys appear to use your own, as opposed to submittable, so I figured some intertube might be clogged up on some end or not sending automated emails the way it was supposed to. Which is why I thought I'd mention.

You don't have to explain! I'm not trying to grief you here at all, more like "in case this is happening because things are broken but you don't know they're broken, because hey what editor emails themselves from their submission manager?"

Sounds like it's been a wild ride. A friend was trying to convince me to start a lit mag (I was moaning about them) - I co-edited once, can't imagine bootstrapping a mag off the ground solo dolo. Lots of slog and for me, I don't know that I'd find much reward.

Thanks for putting it in all caps. Title styling is a prickly pear of mine right now - I've been pretty deliberately choosing to style my titles as whatever they show up as with my poems (all caps, no caps, italics, quotes, etc etc) - what I've noticed is that as a whole even my favorite lit mag editors seem to blip out on titles/deliberately chosen titling conventions and make everyone's look the same. It's complicated (and probably boring to most people) because I think at least some lit mags do choose a standard title format convention as part of the "look" of their magazine...

...and when that convention is "all titles all-caps," it makes me happy, heh, at least for my capped-titled poems.

Some days, too, it's hard enough just to get the damn poem formatted right on the webpage and I think any title-choices get lost in the cracks.

I try to see the other perspectives and mostly, let go my foibles and be mellow and just happy to be published and understand.

But damn it when I look at my caps-titled poems, that capped title makes a difference in my mind.

So since I was buggin' ya I indulged my desire for "correct format" as well - and thank you for listening, and for changing it.