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steve  ·  775 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Human Mealworm says people should choose between "iphones" and healthcare

My employer and I will spend exactly $15,694.32 this year on health insurance premiums ($1307.86 per month) for a family. For that low, low price, I get a $4000 In-Network deductible and a $10,000 Out-Of-Network deductible. There is no prescription coverage until I hit the deductible. Oh... and when/if I hit that deductible? They pay 80% of the bills until I hit my "out of pocket maximum" which I think is $6000. So assuming I get to stay in network.... I get to pay the first $4000 straight - then I pay $2000 of the next $10000 worth of medical expenses.

If I have ZERO healthcare expenses... I have put $15k into the system. If I have a "normal" year when a kid or two get a runny nose/ear infection, maybe a broken bone or a bad rash... I'm dropping a couple hundred bucks per Doctor visit... maybe a couple thousand bucks. So I'm pumping $17k into the system. Even in a year when my wife gave birth to one of these mongrels... I think the most healthcare we consumed was about $25k.

And for some reason I feel lucky.... like I won the healthcare lottery... because I have it..

Look - if I'm paying $17k to have a healthy year? This system is MESSED UP.