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The part where it's encrypted to shit and every password problem that has hit in the past ten years has been external to 1password.

The part where when Heartbleed hit they highlighted every website you visited that was vulnerable to heartbleed so you knew if you needed to change 1, 10 or, in my case, 257 passwords.

The fact that I don't have to remember 257 passwords.

The fact that the encryption allows me to sync my passwords across four computers and a phone.

It has been proven time and again that if you want credit card or social security numbers, the way to get them is to hack a corporation's database. Get in, get thousands. Why bother with the effort of attempting to crack an individual user's encrypted password file, particularly if that individual isn't noteworthy?

I've been using 1password for nearly ten years now - Mac, Windows, Android, iOS. It is the purchase I recommend the most. Back when Lastpass got blown up, 1Password didn't. And every time I ask them a question, I get an answer within an hour. Never once have I felt that they haven't fully disclosed their position or that they aren't brutally frank about what's a security risk and what isn't.

If that makes me a crack smoker, pass the pipe.