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ArtemusBlank  ·  719 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Books you just couldn't fucking get into?

Other books that I could not get into:

The Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, I have may have attempted five attempts to read this but I just couldn't get past page 101. Miller is just all over the place with this. Maybe I should make a hubski book club topic about this.

Evasion by anonymous

Okay I finished this book but it took me about seven attempts. This is a rather unknown book that I only read based off a recommendation from a random crust punk girl I talked to on Ok Cupid years ago. It was not good.

This book is basically a kid preaching about vegan, stealing and not wanting to live a normal life. It's not interesting though, it's preachy as hell and there's no point to the book at all. It's more like a bad manifesto from the 90s.