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In my opinion?

The NSA collects way too much shit. They've blown through their charter long since, and when foreign governments bitch about how the NSA is distributing industrial espionage to American companies in the name of "security" they've got a legitimate beef. The NSA spies on too many people with too few safety measures with no respect for the constitution, privacy, or common decency.


What they've legitimately collected should be available, per reasonable checks and balances, to the rest of the security community. The whole purpose of interagency cooperation is to streamline and make efficient the valiant goal of national security and safety.

Pragmatically speaking, too many people are being spied on by the NSA. Pragmatically speaking, this change means that too many people spied on by the NSA can be spied on by everyone else on A-space. Pragmatically speaking, it's offensive.

But pragmatically speaking nobody under discussion gives a fuck. They never have. Principally speaking, the thing to do is work harder to limit the haul the NSA gets to take. But pragmatically speaking, that ain't never gonna happen until we get a right to privacy amendment or something.