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oyster  ·  902 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Confessions of an American Pumpkin Eater

I remember in Grade 11 biology I realized part way through a test that I had left my calculator in the inside pocket of my binder that was right in front of me. Not wanting to seem like I was cheating I raised my hand and explained to the substitute teacher we had that I could just get it out while literally looking at the ceiling. That seemed like a horrible idea to him though, apparently I looked like a trouble making little girl so instead he got me to go up and borrow his. That's all fine and dandy until one of the guys says he straight up forgot to bring his into the classroom. Well this is a predicament, I mention again that I have mine and he can borrow one of them but the teacher has a different idea. The teacher asks "could you use your phone ? " This fucker wouldn't let me reach into my binder but he's telling this guy to use his phone. Even the student looked at him like what the fuck so we went with my logical plan.

It still bothers me how differently he reacted to the two of us which is why I took this opportunity to rant. So for me, I cheated because why the hell not ? Every male science teacher was still going to accuse me of cheating even if I didn't. In grade 10 me and my friend who I sat beside got the exact same mark on a test but from totally different questions however that didn't stopped him from making a comment like we cheated. That same science teacher when I got an admittedly unusually high mark on a test beating out all those stupid nerd kids instead of saying something encouraging looked at me with suspicion as if I must have cheated somehow. Putting my best foot forward got the same reaction as getting some guy to do pretty much all my math homework in grade 12 so hey why not. What would I be gaining by turning down a friend who wanted to copy my work ? Nada.