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oyster  ·  955 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: An Analysis of Gender in Films Based on Scripts (Male vs. Female Lines)

Yes I did, this is exactly what I'm talking about. You have been throwing around name calling from the start and that might work for you on Reddit but it won't here. People will pass judgment on you before they talk to you and they won't bother to Google " humanitarian groups woman's rights third world" for you because they just don't think you're worth it after you bitch about crybabies before even engaging anybody. Not to mention, the fact that you don't think Aid is being provided to the third world is embarrassing. If you were 13 I would be compassionate and attempt to help you but you are an adult so at this point you made a choice not to understand the world.

I did not say you are barely literate but now that I'm realizing you didn't read my username I'm thinking maybe that's accurate. Which again goes perfectly with my assumption that you choose not to see the world around you. You made a choice to ignore the aid provided to third world countries just as you made a choice to ignore the username of the person you are talking to.

The hardest person to analysis is ourselves even though that's ssometime the most worthwhile. It might be worthwhile for you to take a moment and analyse why you think you already know everything. Most people would think I wonder what's done for the third world and then Google that before deciding it was 0. Most people would check who they are speaking to before assuming. You however assume there is nothing to be learned which is precisely why people don't feel the effort of googling for you is worth it.