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oyster  ·  925 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: An Analysis of Gender in Films Based on Scripts (Male vs. Female Lines)

    childish avoidance of the topic at hand

Umm, I actually made a point regarding your argument and you didn't respond to it at all so I really just don't think you have a place telling people to stop avoiding discussing the topic at hand. The thing is your worldview depends on your ignoring many things about the world which is pretty ridiculous. People and organizations do a metric shitload of work to help women in third world countries and things are constantly improving. The fact that you've managed to convince yourself that more effort is put towards things like x-men posters as opposed to women in third world countries ( the greater evil as you put it) just tells most of the people here you aren't worth talking to.

That's the thing about hubski, nobody feels the need to engage you. I know on sites like reddit and imgur people for some reason feel entitled to responses no matter how ill informed or disrespectful they manage to be but that's not how it works here. Over there when people don't respond they take it as some sign that they are just right and the person is conceding defeat when in reality maybe they just don't think you're worth the time. Here somebody might get irritated enough to respond, but most people will just shun you.