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b_b  ·  1453 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Please give Samantha Bee the Daily Show

Should have been a fucking no brainer from the get go. No offence to Trevor Noah, but who the hell is Trevor Noah? He seems to be a funny dude in his own comedy, but the Daily Show is a tradition that Sam Bee has been a part of for almost as long as Jon Stewart. Her comedic style has crafted and been crafted by the Daily Show, and she would have made a perfect transition. Arguably, John Oliver could have been the only better choice (the Daily Show actually got a bit better when Jon Stewart was off filming his movie and Oliver filled in), but I'm sure he took himself out of the running when HBO gave him a mountain of money and freedom. The strangest part to me was the lack of explanation. Apparently, they never gave one to her or Jason Jones either. I hope she does well with her new show. I've been watching, and I think it is on the right track. When it finds its voice I think it will be successful in what it is trying to do, with the huge downside that no one watches TBS (although the upside being that if something is funny, people will find a way to tune in). I was an avid Daily Show watcher from the Craig Kilborn days, but trailed off a lot in the last few years. I've tried to give Noah a couple chances just to see how it is, and I can't say I've been too impressed. I wish him luck, because when you see him in other things (e.g. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he seems really funny and likable), but he's not a good fit. Sam Bee is amazing, and I hope Full Frontal is a big success.