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T-Dog  ·  3051 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: (HUBSKI MUSIC CLUB -- I NEED SOME ELECTRIC BASS!) "Boat" by thenewgreen

good to hear! things are going well, i somehow stumbled into some session bass work that should keep me busy over the next month. RE Beta Males, we actually just got done tracking two new songs today. I'll send some files to you when i get them.

I put joy up everywhere with DistroKid, we'll see how useful that ends up being (feel free to stream it on spotify so i can rake in the big bucks). Reception has been decent, although i had a really hard time finding press outlets that were interested in me. I sent the EP to a bunch of places and only a couple responded to me, only one actually promoted it and that was a place i used to intern at so that doesn't even really count. I'm not sure what i should have done differently but i'll have to figure it out before the next release.

I was thinking about doing a little write up of my experience releasing joy and posting it here if i get the time.