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kleinbl00  ·  2896 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Beyond "Vanilla ISIS" and "Y'all Qaeda": What if the Oregon Ranchers Are Right?

Well, considering the Oregon ranchers are not among the protestors, none of this fucking matters in the slightest. These are carpetbagging yahoos that had never even visited the site before December and whatever overwrought narrative they wish to construct about the two men in jail is utterly and completely irrelevant to the problem. That said:

1) They still own their land

2) They've demonstrated zero financial impact from the wildlife refuge

3) Cattle are fucking hell on waterways and keeping cattle out of a wildlife refuge is hardly government overreach

4) A rancher that can pay half of a $400k fine out of petty cash can bloody well institute a civil suit for unintentional tort, and neither Dwight nor Stephen Hammond have ever sued the government

5) My home town was nearly wiped out by a controlled burn performed by licensed and regulated firemen; I have zero sympathy for a yahoo rancher who thinks he knows better than the USFS when he can burn or not

6) Fuckin' Old Man Baca used to shoot rock salt at any hiker that attempted to cross into his land even though you couldn't get to Jemez Springs without crossing it and it wasn't until a goddamn presidential order that 89,000 acres were suddenly open to the public to walk around on without fearing for their lives, land that was mutherfucking given to them, which they were then unable to subdivide and sell off for McMansions.

So... yeah. Fuck this article and all other bullshit articles of its ilk.