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ooli  ·  1630 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Post your favorite "world music"

Ousanousava - Zamal

The name band "Ousanousava" means "wheredowego". The title "zamal" is the local name for weed.

That sega-maloya type of music that come from Indian Ocean Island, mostly Reunion and Mauritius islands. That's a musical genre for total of 500k-1M inhabitants max... The lyrics are in creole, close to french.


la montagn lé vèrt koulèr out ti zié / The mountain is green color of your eyes

mwin mwin lé sou kouvèrt i fé bon kréché/ I'm under the trees, where it's good to sleep

i fok mi lèv po alé travayé/ I must wake up to go to work

sa i kas mon rèv i fos mon léfé/ That break my dream, shatter my trip

alor kom sa po prolonge mon somèy/ So to keep my sleep

mwin la trouv in ralonge i ranplas lo solèy/ I find a crutch to replace the sun

wi solèy laktialité/ Yes, the sun has a quality

sa la pa travay bondié/ It does not work, God!


domoun laba lotkoté loséan/ You away in the other side of the ocean

i fini pi dtié é fé koul lo san/ Keep killing and let the blood flow

zot la po batay po in pé larjan/ You are fighting just for a few buck

po èt gouvernèr ou bien prézidan (x2)/ To become a governor or a president

a mwin isi dann monn ti kwin/ I'm here on my little land

po sort in kou dann ce mond pouri/ To get out of that rotten world

mwin la po tir si innti jwin/ I smoke a small blunt

la ral amwin dann in paradi (x2)/ Driving me to paradise


    o zamal, o zamal, o zamal / O weed, o weed, o weed

    ti fé mal lo kèr/ You hurt the heart

    lo kèr monnti zézèr/ The heart of my sweet love

    é pourtan mwin lé fièr/ But I'm proud

    mwin la change linivèr/ I 'm transforming the universe

    la mi wa lo sièl lé roz/ I'm going where the sky is rose

    koulèr la lèv manzel mimoz/ Color the lips of miss Mimoz

    kan dési lamour i poz/ When the love is upon us

    ansanm avek mon kèr i esploz/ When together, my heart explode


    o zamal, o zamal, o zamal/ o weed, o weed, o weed

    ti fé mal lo kèr/ You hurt the heart

    lo kèr bann gouvèrnman/ The heart of the government

    gouvèrnman koulèr larjan/ Government color of the money

    é larzan koulèr lérèr/ And the money color of an error

    é lérèr chomin la mor (x2)/ An error on the road to death

    o lérèr chomin la mor/ oh an error on the road to death

    o zamal, o zamal, o zamal/ O weed, o weed, o weed

    ti fé mal lo kèr/ You hurt the heart

    lo kèr bann militèr/ The heart of the soldier

    militèr koulèr la gèr/ Soldier color of the war

    é la gèr koulèr lanfèr/ And the war color of hell

    é lanfèr frèr babilon/ The hell brother of Babylon

    gouvèrnay gouvèrnman/ Ship's wheel, government (a play on sound)

    victwar pouvwar larjan/ Victory for the power of money


na sat i bwa na sat i fim/ You are not drinking, you are not smoking

i batay dann chomin/ You're fighting on the path

sa vréman lé pa tro sin/ That's not very holy

mé na sat i vé èt pli pré jah/ I dont want that, and I get close to Jah

an aralan si innti jouin/ By smoking a small blunt

mwin mi parl di saj rasta/ I tell you about the wise Rastas

zot i di kofré mwa ce chien/ You said: "jail that dog"

    madam, o madam ,o madam/ O madam, o madam, o madam

    out fiy dan la krwazé/ Your son at the crossroad

    li la po koz ek in zamalien/ He do not speak cause he is a weed smoker

    son palto lé déchiré/ His shirt is torn

    é son chové lé trésé/ His hair are braided

    li té sort fim innti jouin/ He was out smoking a small blunt

    mwin la vi sa kan mwin té sort la mès/ I saw him when I was out of the Church Mass

    o wi dan son chové na d'très/ Yes, there are braid in his hair

    ek son pantalon rapièsté/ And his pants have holes

    ek son palto déchiré/ His shirt is torn

    o madam in vré défalké/ O Madam, he's a real hobo

    mé dizon in bob marlé/ Like a Bob Marley


oté, akout , é akout/ Please, listen, hey listen

akout amwin bèlmèr/ Listen to me, stepmother

ou ki trèt amwin fimèr/ You say I'm a smoker

ou di ke mwin lé zamalien/ You say I'm a weed smoker

ou la minm di mwin lété chomèr/ You even said I'm unemployed

ké toultan mi trèn dann chomin/ That I always chill on the path

ou vé pa ékout mon kozé/ You don't want to hear my explanation

ou admèt pa la vérité/ You refuse to hear the truth

lot fwa kan out fiy la bwar kasé/ Last time when your son was drinking hidden

ant nout dé ou kisa la pléré/ We heard you were crying

bèlmèr plèr pa i va pa ou/ stepmother dont cry, it does not fit you

lès sa plito po zamouré/ Let that for people in love

bèlmèr plèr pa i va pa ou/ stepmother stop crying it does not fit you

mé i va pa ou di tou/ It does not fit you at all


mwin lé parèy in lirondèl/ I resemble the swallow

mwin lé kom in tourterèl/ I'm like a turledove

i vien gingn la zèl/ coming with his wings

mwin lé kom in payanké/ I'm like a paille-en-queue (bird endemic to the island)

ester mi wa lo siel lé blé/ Where I go the sky is blue

mwin lé kom in payanké/ I'm like a paille-en-queue

la rozé la mouy son ké/ The dewdrop wet his tail


la mèr i bouj sou lo sièl an fé/ The sea move under a burning sky

mon zié lé rouj mi sort pa pléré/ My eyes are red, I'll will not cry

gramoun dan son rom na inn ot léfé/ The grandfather feel the same effect with his rhum

sat lé mien i dériv koté bondié/ But mine come from God


solèy i tonb la rénion i dor/ The sun set, the Reunion sleep

mi krèz mon tonb mwin pa fé la mor/ I dig my grave, I dont play dead

in romans po monnti zézèr/ A love-story for my sweet love

la pa mwin la fé mon kèr / I didnt write it, my heart did


Ok...Now this place is the only place on the net where there is a song roughly translated from créole to english